The Climate

Enabling science-based climate action by connecting leading global businesses with impactful national policy initiatives, where and when these emerge

CPX is a unique global action platform to efficiently advance national and state-level climate initiatives, where and when it matters

CPX provides climate policy intelligence for improved corporate engagement across jurisdictions and memberships

CPX is the missing advocacy link, empowering bottom-up initiatives that can move the market by leveraging policy opportunities

Corporate support for policy innovation

The world over, local advocacy actors such as NGOs and associations, take a key role in shaping national policy frameworks and thus Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the core of the Paris Agreement. They represent existing teams that are motivated and financed in their own right. In the fight for their climate policy initiatives, the support of even only a few globally leading businesses can make for a significant gain in advocacy power. For global businesses, on the other hand, identifying the right national initiatives can be resource intensive. Aligning corporate policy positions and memberships can be challenging. CPX pools resources, enables businesses to efficiently engage, and thereby empowers local actors.

Enabling international engagement for concrete national policy innovation

Why is corporate advocacy so important?

Advocacy changes the legal framework and therefore moves the entire market towards climate action.
Besides that, corporate advocacy builds trust, helps to win majorities with the political centre, which is strongly influenced by corporate support.

CPX connects leading global businesses with specific local policy opportunities

Local actors submit specific, ongoing policy opportunities for endorsement
Selection of policy opportunities based on Global Goals/Paris and quality of submitting local actors
Opt-in endorsements by individual businesses, supporting the submitted opportunity according to pre-specified formats
Aggregation of global business support for the specific opportunity
Distribution of aggregated corporate support to local actor, empowering action also by enabling further local support
Customized delivery of opportunities to participating businesses, taking existing corporate targets, engagements, and memberships into account
Monitoring of advocacy activities according to specified endorsement formats, selected local best-practice support

Getting there – first conceptual drafts in development

11. Feb. 2020
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Addressing the climate crisis with a new policy platform - The Climate Policy Exchange (CPX)

Press Release 11. Dec. 2019

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